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Good recorded visual content enhances all conferences, holding the attention of delegates throughout presentations and discussions is essential. Interesting and fast moving visualisations geared to the theme of the event and depicting scenes that the delegates can relate to go a long way to making delates feel involved.

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Video production covers a large field of possible options all involving visual imagery, pre-event, during the event and maybe post event. Some clients want all three, the majority have either one or two.

Well planned conferences and awards start months before the event takes place with every aspect of the occasion submitted to close scrutiny and planning to achieve success. Any important visual content needs the same careful consideration to ensure it is appropriate and enhances the event. We create short videos using interesting and fast moving visualisations geared to the theme of the conference and the message the organisers are keen to present to the delegates.

  • Awards Dinners and other Awards occasions use pre-event production to involve delegates and award winners. A video of award nominees discussing, on screen, their work, success and their products in their own environment and shown on the big screen is very powerful and impressive to all attending the event. 
  • Short videos are often included within an overall presentation at a conference as it is well known that a minute of a well-produced video can explain in a few seconds what would take a presenter a very long time.
  • Conference Openers a good conference needs to get off to an exciting start. A two minute opening video themed to the conference objectives will help concentrate delegates thoughts and minds to the day ahead.

Video technology used on the day(s) of the conference can provide many benefits not only to the delegates but also to the organisers and the sponsors. 

Live video camera(s) can project their images onto the large main screen, or onto side screens or a pair or more of repeater flat screen monitors down each side of the room.

High definition images of the presenters or any supporting imagery is displayed for all to see. It is essential that an experience conference technician is on hand to select precisely what images are displayed.

Streaming of such images to delegates unable to attend the event in person is possible and obviously opens up an event to a much wider audience.

All recorded images can be recorded and stored, these images can be creatively edited into a video of the conference for an archival use or for the marketing of future conferences to gain more delegates and increase sponsorship.

In most instances this relates to the editing of video imagery taken pre-event or during the event itself as mentioned under live video. An additional use of such material is to highlight the most interesting and informative content and produced an edited version on-line for those delegates who could not attend the conference, some organisers charge a fee for providing such a service.

For Award Events we are frequently requested to edit pre-event videos with video shot at the event to produce an up-beat visual account of the whole occasion to provide the organisers with an excellent promotional and marketing aid to attract new sponsors to the event and provide existing sponsors with creative and imaginative media exposure for their support of the event.

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With over seven decades of experience in the industry, we are in the perfect position to advise on AV equipment issues in a live events context. We have worked on everything from industry awards shows to business presentations and charity galas, so no matter the size of the venue or the scope of what you want to present, we can help.


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