Top AV tips that will make your meetings a hit

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Top AV tips that will make your meetings a hit

Hosting your own meeting can be a nerve-racking experience. Stepping up to a microphone to hear feedback or see an unresponsive presentation screen can be anyone’s worst nightmare. To ensure everything runs smoothly, it’s essential to check that all of your equipment is in place and working as it should be well in advance of any delegates arriving at the venue.

There are plenty of industry hints and tricks that will ensure your event is a great success. As AV and Technical support specialists, Mercian Events have compiled some top tips to ensure your event will run without a hiccup:


Prepare a Plan

, Top AV tips that will make your meetings a hit

It’s vital that you know the room dimensions of where your meetings will be held and are aware of the number of people who will be attending. This will give you an indication to the size of the screen(s) you’ll need and whether you’ll require those extra seats near the back.




On-Site Arrangements

on site arrangementsLiaising with the venue well before the event is a necessity. It is best to do this at the actual venue with a face to face meeting with a member of the venue’s Meetings and Events team, well in advance of the event date. If they are not made aware of what you’ll need for the day, they won’t be able to prepare for you or make prior arrangements for any AV equipment or catering. In brief, if they’re unaware of your requirements, your prep time will be massively reduced as you’ll be forced to make last-minute arrangements which could prove to be very expensive.




Sound Systems

Small meetings of less than fifty delegates may or may not require some sort of sound re-enforcement, always check with your AV supplier first.

For small meetings a two-speaker sound system with a single microphone is adequate. However, if you require more than one microphone, we advise for you to discuss this with your AV supplier, as the use of a microphone mixer will be necessary. This is where many companies get into trouble and may need the services of an AV technician to operate the audio system on their behalf.

For a larger meeting if may be necessary to use a four or six-speaker sound system.

Small and large sound systems do require to be set up by experts, some venue support teams are not trained to do this and do not attempt to do this on your own, use the expertise of your AV supplier.

The use of hand-held and tie-clip radio microphones is again something to discuss with your AV supplier. Speaking from a lectern is normally carried out with either a twin or single lectern microphone, these mics are specially mounted on the lectern to avoid any annoying noises.


, Top AV tips that will make your meetings a hitIf your presenter is a free spirit and likes to roam around the stage whilst talking and wants to have their hands free then they need to use either a tie-clip mic or a mic headset. These points need to be known well in advance of the event.

Another wireless tip is to ensure that WIFI is available for every delegate – this means they can network, send emails and tweet about your event in real-time.

Get to Know Equipment

Many meetings and conferences begin late because of a fault with a laptop or as sometimes happens the presenter has forgotten to turn off the screen saver. If you want to keep things running smoothly, make sure everything is working well before the event starts and familiarise yourself with how the tech works. A smooth start will set the tone for the rest of the day. If you are in doubt of your available AV expertise within your team then pay the extra and let an experienced AV technician do all the operating, this will allow you to concentrate on the meeting and other important issues that these events inevitably bring with them.


Sight plus Sound

, Top AV tips that will make your meetings a hitGood Data projection is vital, if delegates cannot read or understand what is being shown to them then they might just as well not be at the meeting. Similar to sound systems, if delegates cannot hear what is being said, why be there.

The visibility of the screen and its brightness is more important than you think. If it’s not up to scratch in terms of height and size, then you are making it very difficult for all the delegates, as everyone needs to see and hear clearly. Again check with your AV supplier what lumen projector(s) to use as they come in all shapes and sizes – some are suitable for a breakout room but useless in a large meeting room that has plenty of ambient light. Others are ideal for conference use but expensive for use in a meeting room.

Get all these points right and it can be the difference between your event falling flat or being a memorable day for all the right reasons.

If you’re worried about the AV aspects of your meeting, Mercian Events are here to help. We provide top-quality equipment for hire and offer a valuable AV installation service. For more information, get in touch today by calling us on 01905 726 665 or email

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