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Mercian Events is always willing to go that extra mile to cater our clients’ special requirements to create the special effects and memories for those special occasions. 

Today, a conference organiser can consider several additional options for their event in order to maximise all the effort, time and money that has gone into producing the conference.

Audio Visual Equipment, Special Event Services

Corporate Entertainment

This description covers everything from Team Building which can be anything but entertainment for a lot of participants to Corporate days out for staff and family. Our Event experience has involved us in arranging Horse Racing evenings during the summer within the grounds of the venue all done via pre-recorded races, a large outdoor LED screen and a good sound system.  See more ideas for Corporate Entertainment

Special locations

Very often we are asked to recommend venues that are out of the ordinary by clients wishing to try something different for their next event or for an additional event for a special occasion. We have operated small and large events in all sorts of places some good and some difficult’ all very dependent on the clients’ expectations. We have been to museums, crypts, abbeys, theme parks, factories, warehouses, airports, car parks and open fields to name but a few, some we can recommend some we cannot.

Audio Visual Equipment, Special Event Services
Audio Visual Equipment, Special Event Services

Silent Conferencing

If space or time is at a premium silent conferencing allows several presenters to present at the same time in the same room, all delegates wear headsets with switchable channels, all the delegate has to do is switch to the same channel as the presenter he wishes to listen to. Takes a little getting used to but done properly it allows delegates enormous opportunities to engage in several different areas.

Translation Services

Better described as instantaneous translation, whilst these service do exist and are available they are quite complex and expensive. Providing translation services for a single language is not so bad but doing the same for several is where it gets tricky. Finding really good translators is the problem, skilled translators are expensive and can only work for strict set periods of time. Within translation services we have provided several clients with specialist sign language operators that have done an excellent job every time we have used them.

Audio Visual Equipment, Special Event Services
Induction Loop

Induction Loops

Many of our conferences now include designated specialist hearing loop facilities for the hard of hearing, all quite simple to install and use and very reliable.

Delegate Interactivity aids

These are now an essential part of getting delegates involved in conferences and meetings, we can design special programmes for special conferences or off the shelf well proven programmes are readily available. If you want delegate participation you can have it in abundance voting, opinions, views, comments, criticism. Twitter boards are frequently used as a means of relay views and comments during the proceedings of a conference.

If you wish to take a different approach to your next event and include one or more of these options or even something new let us know and we can discuss what is possible.

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Video Production

Audio Visual Equipment, Special Event Services

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Special Services

With over seven decades of experience in the industry, we are in the perfect position to advise on AV equipment issues in a live events context. We have worked on everything from industry awards shows to business presentations and charity galas, so no matter the size of the venue or the scope of what you want to present, we can help.

You can get a free design and quote for an audio visual equipment hire package to fit your next event when you contact us via email or phone, so get in touch today!

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Our path into the live events business began over 40 years ago and stems from the development of our AV Hire business to Hotels, Venues, Companies, Businesses, Local and National Government departments, Associations and Societies, Clubs and the local community and being centrally located and based in the Midlands we have great access to all main UK motorway networks.

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