Powerful Presentations

POWERFUL Presentations

A modern day data presentation can inspire your audience, turn them off or even worse send them to sleep. The events team at Mercian Events looks at how presentations are changing … … for the better. 

, Powerful Presentations
"audiences are now expecting presentations to include multiple media sources encompassing live streamed video, text based documents and high quality imagery."

Presentations are the cornerstone of any conference related to sales, education, pharmaceuticals, finance, health, politics, law, security you name it, they all rely on presentations to impart information, results, opinions, facts.

Ultimately it’s how professionals make some of their most lasting impressions in their respective industries and professions.

Strange as it might seem in this day and age, after almost 30 years of PowerPoint, presentations are evolving.

Audiences today expect high standards of images, videos, charts and composition to keep them engaged and interested. To cater for these high standards manufactures have invested in developing solutions which help all organisations to truly capture the attention of audiences whether that is via delegate interactivity or collation.

Whilst there is a technological revolution taking place all around us many still rely on the old methods of preparation and delivery for their most important messages. Why is this? and what does the future of presenting at conferences going to look like?

As we have already said PowerPoint has been around for nearly 30 years. True is has gone through several updates, much to everyone’s annoyance. No sooner had one mastered the quirks of one version then the next update appeared and the learning process had to start all over again, some call this progress.

Whatever version you used the end results were similar and predictable. Why? Was it because the compilation of a new presentation was left to the last minute with the presenter too busy to think through his/her time in front of an audience, with “well it will be alright on the day” attitude or is it a matter of “I will use the same presentation I used six months ago at another conference”.

Many presenters fail to put themselves in the position of their audience
whilst preparing their presentations, failing to take into account what their images look like on a large screen, what appears fine on a laptop screen bears no relation to what appears on a projection screen 12’ wide.

To produce quality on the conference projection screen one must put quality into the presentation to start with, clips from you tube and other such media must be of the highest quality, nothing else will do, remember “ if you put rubbish in you will only get rubbish out.”

Also, hard-working secretaries are often used as a last resort to compile presentation programmes for their bosses, this might be fine for a meeting in the boardroom but not for a conference and large screen projection.

Modern technology must be foremost in the minds of those given the task of presenting at future live event such as a conference. The quality, variance, choice of movie or still inserts, transitions and the ability of accessing live material at will during a presentation must be used to good effect, no longer the plod from boring slide to boring slide.

Ultra-high definition and HTML5 now pervade every walk of life, it’s vital that all presenters in future match and where possible use these new developments to good effect, enliven and inspiring their audiences with creative and imaginative presentations.

Recently we have seen the introduction of several solutions that can merge content from as many as 10 sources onto one screen and make the objective of engaging delegates easier than ever. Through this dedicated software presenters are empowered to capture and hold the attention of audiences by delivering attention grabbing and memorable presentations.

Perhaps the day has come when presenters will have to bite the bullet and pay for professional multimedia service providers to create their presentations for them rather than cobbling together some slides themselves or leaving it to their long suffering PAs or secretaries.

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, Powerful Presentations