worcester commandery

Case Study: Worcester Commandery – Interactive AV Installation

worcester commanderyDuring May 2017 we received an invitation to provide a detailed proposal and quotation for supplying, installing and programming complex interactive audio visual control systems for a serious updating of one of the major tourist attractions in the City of Worcester the Commandery.

A little about its history – Worcester played a decisive role in the English Civil War and decisions made here changed the way that Great Britain was governed, creating the democracy we enjoy today.

On August 22nd 1651 Charles II marched into Worcester at the head of 18.000 men and set up his Headquarters in the city. Willian 2nd Duke of Hamilton, was the Royalist Commander in Chief and he and other officers were billeted at the Commandery.

The Royalist troops spent the next two weeks preparing the City’s defences, including the fortification of Fort Royal Hill behind the Commandery and the City Walls alongside the building.

A week later Oliver Cromwell arrived in Worcester with 30.000 men of the New Model Army. On the 3rd September battle commenced at around noon with Cromwell’s attack. After several strategic gains, the Royalists quickly faltered and the army were soon retreating in panic. At the Sidbury Gate outside the Commandery a massive slaughter took place as soldiers tried to flee.

By the end of the day  Charles was a fugitive, Hamilton lay dying in the Commandery and England was no longer governed by a monarch with Divine Right.

Specialist interactive audio visual equipment supplied, programmed and installed by the Mercian Events will provide visitors with a number of very special experiences as they walk around the building.

Visitors can now step into the dramatic debate between Royalist and Parliamentarian beliefs. See weapons straight from the battlefield, read evocative letters, test your strategic skills in the battle room and come face to face with Oliver Cromwell himself.

commandery 2

All this is the culmination of weeks of research, discussions, checks, tests and demonstrations by Mercian Events in order to deliver everything required by Worcester City Council.

Mercian Events’ key players in this extraordinary updating of the Commandery were, over a period of several weeks, in constant liaison with their respective opposite numbers who were providing all the creative imagery, videos and soundtracks delivering the vital impact for this interactive experience.


It was essential that the special AV equipment supplied, installed and programmed by Mercian Events matched the high expectations and technical requirements of those providing the imaginative and creative visuals and soundtracks to be used throughout the Commandery.

A total of five rooms within the Commandery were fitted out with the specialist AV equipment, all these rooms have evocative names such as: –

The Royalist Room – The Great Hall – The President’s Room  – The Aftermath Room  and The Civil War Intro Room.

 Mercian Events will continue to provide on-going technical support for the Commandery to ensure visitors throughout the year continue to see and hear the very special history of this historic building.