New Research


New Research finds the use of Video conferencing Growing ……for Local, Regional  and Global communications at: – Conferences Meetings & Events

 Can your venue offer this facility?

Mercian Events are in the process of establishing a comprehensive list of venues in the West Midland region of the UK that have the capability of hosting meetings, events and conferences where video conferencing might be an essential requirement in the future.

We will be collating the results to establish a definitive list of venues to pass on to interested parties here in the UK and abroad.

A new global survey shows that video conferencing is becoming increasingly important as a communication tool that keeps our mobile and global workforces connected.

This new research targeted 4,737 end users of video conferencing systems, representing all regions of the world as well as companies of all sizes.

The results from “End-User Survey: “The ‘Real Benefits of Video”, show that a key reason video is becoming the preferred way to collaborate is that it’s now available not just in the traditional video environment of the conference room but also on Tablets, PCs, Laptops and smart mobile devices-enabling people to connect and communicate face to face in any conceivable work environment. Mercian Events in collaboration with a major video conferencing business will be able to provide the latest VC equipment for any event and for any duration. This can be via our daily/weekly hire service or for the busier venue as a permanent installation.

To be able to provide a professional and accurate assessment of what facilities there are in this area we need you to provide answers to two important questions.

Inaccurate answers will only lead to problems; if you would like assistance please ring 01905 28999 and one of our technicians will be happy to help you.

 Don’t be left behind, this survey is free and the results can only assist the region for years to come.

Question 1.     Do you have wireless Internet availability (Wi-Fi) if so, in what Conference/Meeting/Bed rooms?

Question 2.     What are your upload and down speeds in all sections of your venue during busy periods?                                        use (

With these two simple questions answered you too can be offering these services to important organisation plus increasing bookings, revenue and awareness of your venue.