Our Team

Our most important assets are the people who work for us, whether they are directors, technicians, receptionists or van drivers. We are blessed with talented individuals who work well together as a team, dedicated to providing our customers with extra-special events or just the right AV for their meeting.

We cannot boast that we have the largest team but everyone we have are experts, dedicated and very good at what they do and all prefer working for a smaller company.

Let us present some of key members of our team to you: –

Tim Istead


Tim is a very out-going type of chap who enjoys F1 motor racing on TV and an avid reader of anything historical. Having two Labrador dogs ensures he gets a considerable amount of exercise very early in the morning and each evening come rain, hail, snow or sunshine. Always at work for 07.00am despite a one hour drive each morning.
Tim has spent all his working life, now totting up to 35 years, in the AV business. He is very comfortable working with either large international companies or the local business round the corner. Tim, as MD, ensures every aspect of the business runs smoothly, he lives in the country town of Leominster and enjoys everything to do with country life including the local pubs.

Lee Mcphilimey


Lee is a familiar face with many Mercian Events clients having recently rejoined the company after a period of three years. During this leave of absence he secured a senior position with a large Birmingham based conference production company working on events here in the UK and Europe. Living in Nuneaton with his wife and two small children Lee is looking to expand and develop Mercian Events client base and range of activates – watch this space. A man of many talents Lee is a dedicated “live events” person with exceptional skills in all aspects of visualising and understanding what a client is hoping to achieve by holding an event. He enjoys nothing more than working closely with clients by discussing and presenting creative ideas to ensure their next event exceeds their expectations.

Ben McCaffery

Project Manager

Ben is a shining example of how one can start at the bottom and work your way to the top, now a senior project manager with a considerable amount of responsibility on his shoulders. He joined the company, then Present UK, back in 2005 as a trainee AV technician and he has not looked back since. Ben also heads up our IT facilities and design team supervising all the 3D graphics provided to clients for set designs, room layouts and seating plans.
Ben is a great comfort to all presenters struggling with their presentations prior to and during a conference with his cool approach to the pressures of a live event.

Simon Atkinson

Hire Centre Manager

Another man of many talents, Simon heads up our important AV Hire Services department providing AV products to hotels, venues, companies, organisations, local government, and the local community. Living in Droitwich Spa Simon has a very close working relationship with Mercian Events hire customers all over the county and well beyond. He has an excellent ability to understand what AV equipment will suit any occasion and provides valuable advice in the choice of AV products and services for a client’s particular event. An avid Manchester United fan Simon enjoys the cut and thrust of footballs Premier League. Talent obtained from a previous employer Simon can organise Scalextric car racing events, treasure hunts, boot camps and a host of other interesting team building events.

Our Team
Our Team


A very essential element for a successful conclusion to a live event is always the support crew we take with us on all major events. Our specialist conference technicians are experienced not only with the technicalities of rigging and operating complex equipment they are also very adapt at looking after customers and their clients. Always attentive at live events to the pressures customers are placed under by the occasion they will always strive to reduce those pressures by calmly and quietly listening and reacting to the customers requests, very often arriving at a solution before the client has asked the question.