Our News section caters for all different types of news from within our industry, therefore we have four categories – Event Industry News – Mercian Events News – Conference News and Hire News. From time to time we will add news items as and when we consider them to be informative, interesting or just funny. For those of you involved in live events either full time or maybe just a couple of times a year you will know only too well that unforeseen things can happen to the best of us, we hope to capture some of those happenings plus a good deal more – is that not what Live Events are all about!!

Mercian Events News

Working in such a dynamic and fast moving industry we like to share our thoughts and experiences, many of which just happen as a matter of course during an event. These experiences can be good, bad, funny, scary or unmentionable, the common factor is we can all learn from them. Check out our tips to help you with your next event.

Laptop computers
To handle forthcoming demands on our IT equipment the directors of Mercian Events have recently invested in 10 new “conference spec” laptops.
We feel it is vital in the conference and live event industry to make sure the IT equipment we use is always of a higher specification than our clients’ own equipment.

Conference lecterns
For the Autumn and Winter we have introduced into our hire stock a new range of Lecterns which we hope clients will like. We are always aware of the importance a conference set and stage has as the visual focal point for a conference or meeting. Whatever the clients’ budget is for a meeting or a conference we will always provide visually attractive and extremely practical equipment to support their event: See AV Equipment Hire – Lecterns

Curved Staging

Goodbye to always having straight lines and 90 degree corners to staging. We have recently introduced softer lines to all our staging in the shape of curved sections that we can add to any part of our staging designs. Fully compatible with our 300mm high portable staging our new curved sections can be placed at the front, at the sides or create perfect circles on their own.: See AV Hire Equipment – Staging

Magic Mirror
A few months ago Mercian Events, through its subsidiary company Reflections Forever invested in new and interesting technology that will add a sparkle to the atmosphere of important occasions such as corporate awards and other special occasions for workforces and customers alike. Aptly named the Magic Mirror, which from the front is exactly what it looks like, a mirror, our new investment is a 1.5m high fully interactive touch screen mirror that combines the love of taking selfies along with the capturing of an instant full length photo in stunning HD within 10secs. Photos can also be uploaded to Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) or shared via email.
You can personalise or brand the Magic Mirror for your event with a choice of layouts and animations. See AV Equipment Hire – Magic Mirror

Breaking News

Mercian Events takes on more AV equipment plus a new business in the South West.
Working fast to secure new opportunities our directors sealed an exciting deal a few weeks ago. This has resulted in Mercian Events nearly doubling its conference equipment, owning the rights to an excellent established website and looking forward to providing a full range of conference services to new clients in the South West region of the UK.

The Events Industry News

The internet provides a lot of international news, views and opinions which although they are about the events industry on the other side of the world they are also, at times, very relevant to what is happening over here and make very interesting reading, which we like to share with you.
Read the interesting articles below which our events team have written.

Conference News

Spring and the start of Summer has seen our events team working all points North and South of the UK with the odd journey East and West.
We have successfully completed the first eight of fourteen venues for the Worcester, Bosch Group summer roadshow, whilst at the same time our AV equipment hire team have spent two days installing a quantity of LED screens and numerous PA sound systems at a new and prestigious technical exhibition in Chester. The organisers used Mercian Events at the inaugural event last year and were so impressed with the way we handled their requirements that they used us again this year and we have already been asked to stand by for 2018.
We have the busiest July on record to look forward to, as a result staff holidays have been somewhat compromised.

Hire News

Just as our Conference and Events teams are working flat out, our AV technicians have been working hard too, looking after the many Hotels and Venues that rely on us to provide AV equipment at a moments notice for important meetings and events all-round the Midlands.
Our new intake of 60” LED screens have proved extremely popular and never seem to spend more than a few days in the warehouse before they are back out again on hire.
The same can be said about our new Magic Mirror Photo Booth which has exceeded all our expectations and being used at weddings, corporate parties, and award evenings all over the country.
We have been extensively involved working with our two local authorities on a number of initiatives to promote new businesses to the area. They value the time we spend with them discussing concepts and providing alternative ideas to trim costs and keep each project within budget. This has resulted in Mercian Events now handling the AV requirements for many of their events.