Now is the time for hotels and venues to take the initiative

Now is the time for hotels and venues to take the initiative

No one in the events industry can deny that clients today have become more and more demanding, due primarily to the fact that money is tight, corporate business clients, societies, associations, charities and government departments are all looking to hold meetings, conferences, road shows, product launches and award dinners to a very high standard on a budget no more than they had four years ago, in other words they are expecting much more for less.

Invariably these events will require a large content of audio visual and presentation equipment together with bespoke conference sets, lighting, sound systems, staging, crew, rigging, transport and accommodation.

Much of the events industry has for years provided an excellent reactive approach to clients’ requirements.

As soon as the client indicates they wish to stage a conference the nominated event handler swings into action producing, ideas, creativity, feasibility, concepts, proposals and quotations. 

Everything produced is geared to that one particular client’s specification. Hence the cost and time involved. 

Hotels and Venues are well placed to take advantage of today’s demanding clients by stepping into a gap in the market created by reactive event handlers who work only on demand.

This can be achieved by Hotels and Venues sourcing proactive event companies who are prepared to work closely with their sales teams to produce well proven event packages.

These packages would be specially designed to suit individual hotels and venues who in turn would offer them to their clients in a strategic partnership arrangement with the event company.

This will provide workable concepts for any future event the hotels/venues’ own clients may be contemplating.

Not only will hotels be taking the initiative by offering creative event solutions to their current and prospective clients they will also earn valuable additional revenue and kudos.Venues

Event packages, in their most basic form will include a LCD data projector, a suitable projection screen and a modern compact back drop, possibly some staging and a small sound system all for approximately £500/600 per day.

Some event packages can include just a limited choice of backdrops which is ideal for venues that have their own AV/ presentation equipment.

It is perfectly feasible for an important meeting of approximately 40/50 delegates to be upgraded in looks and appearance simply by having a smart but small professional stage backdrop for only £300.

Of course this will not suit everybody but if shown to a client it at least plants ideas in their minds for future occasions.

It is simple to up-scale event packages to cater for larger meetings, conferences and award dinners.

One would hesitate to recommend packages for all types of conferences due to the fact that no two events are ever quite the same.

In many cases the packaged event is possibly all you will need, for others it may need adapting to reflect the company’s concept of the image it wishes to portray to their delegates.

Where cost is paramount event packages may well provide the ideal solution.