Breaking News Mercian Events New Equipment

New Equipment for Mercian Events plus a new business in the South West


Breaking News Mercian Events New EquipmentA short while ago we were aware of the forthcoming busy months ahead, whilst pondering over the consequences of this it came to our notice that an AV business in the South West of England was seeking to dispose of its conference and live event business and AV equipment for very personal reasons of the owner.


It took us just less than a week to come to the decision that this was an opportunity to good to miss. We quickly agreed terms with the owner and organised a 27-tonne lorry to collect all the AV equipment and bring everything back to our base in Worcester. An extraordinary amount of manoeuvring had to take place in our warehouse beforehand to accommodate the additional equipment but accommodate it we did, just.

The timing of this purchase was just perfect, as we are now able to easily for fill all our obligations for the next three months. We have acquired additional large conference sets for confirmed events yet to come, more high powered modern data projectors plus a good quantity of 60” LED Flat screens, we have quadrupled our stock of the latest Laptop computers, doubled our stock of top of the range Sennheiser radio microphones, plus an Analog Way seamless switcher, a large quantity of up to date LED lighting and a host of 2m x 1m display boards. Over the past few weeks every single item has been checked, Pat tested and logged onto our computer system.

We have begun to introduce our company to our new clients in the South West and will have our second important conference completed within the next two weeks in London, the first conference for our new clients was held in Bristol during June.