Product Launches

Successful Product Launches can take any form you wish from the multi-million-pound budget launches in the motor car. pharmaceutical and electronics industries to the more modest types for the SMEs of this world. We can oblige with creative ideas that suit the occasion and your budget.

From Kabuki Reveals, Magic tricks with lighting and gauze, Special light weight screen panels, Revolving stages, Dry Ice, Mist, Suspended projection screens, Dramatic music live or pre-recorded, Pre-recorded video clips, Live video Skyped in from anywhere you care to mention almost all things are possible. Product launches should be entertaining and memorable but above all professional and run to the split second.

Clients have often included a product launch or a range of new services within their annual conference. This then requires special consideration as to the conference set and stage design to accommodate this additional requirement, recently we have carried out such events for the launch of a new range of industrial ovens, a new range of fabrics and new conservatories, all very different but each one was a great success.

To facilitate such requirements within a conference does require quite a lot of additional work, time and effort and will proportionally increase the cost over that of a conventional conference, but it is still less expensive to do it this way than having to organise a separate launch event on another day.

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