Presentations in a Marquee

Providing AV & Presentation equipment and technical services for any major event in any venue is a serious business even for a straight forward meeting. Nothing can ever be taken for granted.
Of all the possible venues a production company, such as ourselves can be asked to work in, a marquee is the possibly one of the most daunting.
Why is that? You may well ask.

Several reason spring to mind immediately.
• Location – could be in the middle of a field, carpark, inside a factory, racecourse.
• Light pollution – marquees let in a lot of ambient light
• Power Supply – Mains or generator.
• Ambient Sound – will there be excessive noise coming from outside the marquee to distract your audience inside the marquee.
• Floor Levels – Lining up projection equipment on an uneven floor is never easy.
• Security – Marquees are not the most secure premises over-night.
• Set Design – conference sets in marquees have to follow the shape of the marquee which in turn restricts the design possibilities.
• Weather – If the weather turns against the event wind and heavy rain can be noisy and a distraction.

With careful planning, discussion and complete understanding between all parties most of the possible drawbacks can be overcome and catered for.
Mercian Events have an excellent track record for working in marquees, the latest event we have been involved with took place in Bristol a few days ago within the estate run by the largest outdoor activities centre in the South West – Mojo Active.

If you are planning an event in a marquee that requires AV expertise for sound, lighting, staging, flat screen displays or high powered presentation projectors please contact:

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Presentations in a Marquee Mercian Events

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