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Live Events such as Corporate Open Days and Special Outdoor Occasions can be fun, we play our part by providing Outdoor Staging, Lighting, Public Address Systems and especially Data Projection for use in marquees specially adapted with shaded roof areas to remove the glare of the sun during the summer months. Not such a problem at other times of the year.
We have the ability to provide large outdoor LED video wall screens connected to computers, live video, DVD players, TV broadcasts and the internet, these are modular and can come in a variety of sizes to suit your budget or the occasion.
Large outdoor Public Address Systems complete with mobile commentary centres are now part of the extensive packages we can offer clients together with the expertise required to operate these systems.
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Mercian Events can organise Marquees, Catering, Covered Staging, Toilet facilities, Mobile Power Generators and provide adequate power distribution to any number of outlets for an event.

We are able to create dedicated presentation areas within warehouses and factories by providing the latest fixed ridged marquees that can vary in length, width and height, together with the impressive interior linings available for today’s marquees these can assume a very luxurious interior that will bely the fact that they situated in a warehouse or on a carpark.

Special Events are becoming more frequent within companies and organisations as they often celebrate company birthdays, long service recognition and retirements. We are able to assist with these occasions by transforming everyday working areas into a venue type location by the use of panelling, ceiling casements, mood lighting and if required specialised theming concepts to provide a special wow factor to the event.

Corporate Open Days to City and County Shows requiring large Public Address Systems, big outdoor LED screens, Staging and specialised lighting are all available from Mercian Events.

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