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A very important and exciting occasion for all those involved in such an event particularly the individuals or teams nominated for an award, but for anyone given the daunting responsibility to organise an Awards Dinner, a Corporate Dinner or a Special Occasion such as a retirement dinner can be a nail biting experience. Remember the Oscars?

Mercian Events are very experienced in these events and are able to support clients in many ways to make the organisers experience more enjoyable and less stressful. We can assist by producing very accurate room layout plans to scale also seating plans for each delegate and these can be used to highlight particular guests who have requested special meals such as vegetarian or vegan. From these plans we are also able to assess the capacity i.e. guest numbers for each room more accurately than most venues.

Via the seating plans we produce we can ensure all guests have a clear view of the main presentation area or if this is a problem due to the actual room itself we will know where to provide repeater 50/60” LED/Plasma screens within the room to make sure all guests are completely involved in the occasion.

Awards can be part of an annual conference held during the day or at a dinner in the evening. They can be a stand-alone event combined with a gala dinner and evening entertainment.

They come in all shapes and sizes, big budgets and small budgets. Whatever the occasion Mercian Events are able to provide all the skills and expertise necessary for complex or simple stage sets, attractive and creative lighting, professional sound systems, pre-recorded and live video, complex or simple graphics whatever the budget we can surprise you with what is possible.

We are also able to provide bespoke award sets of varying size and complexity with twin screens either side of a central section dedicated to the awards presentation area which is creatively lit with photography and video recording in mind. The awards set background for this area is specially designed to accommodate and highlight sponsors’ logos and names.

It is part of Mercian Events skill and expertise to accommodate total set changes during an event where the conference is during the day and the awards are in the evening at a gala dinner. Working to a very tight schedule amazing changes can take place arriving at a total change from the day event. On many occasions our clients have been in awe at what we manged to achieve in such a short time.

Award Evenings Mercian Events
Award Evenings

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