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iPads – The Key to Delegate Participation and Interaction

Important Highlights of an Interactive iPad System

  • Engages the audience in many ways
  • iPads can be distributed several ways:
  • one person, one/two or more per table, scattering of iPads on floor stands
  • Specific iPad systems do not require an internet connection or a hotel infrastructure as suppliers use their own dedicated equipment to connect all the iPads together.
  • Built in Flexibility
  • Instantly updated throughout the conference
  • Important delegate feedback
  • Dedicated branding of a conference/event
  • Delegate involvement and participation

Suits all types of Conference Configurations

Our iPads/Tablet event solutions can be used in a variety of meeting formats such as theatre, cabaret or classroom style. You can issue every delegate with an iPad or share one per table or per group. We work closely with each client to plan the various types of interaction they want and identity how this technology can add value and ROI to the event.

Flexible Approach

All our iPad event solutions are created in-house and can be adapted and tailored to fit varying needs. We are not confined to rigid off the shelf Apps. Our ability to brand and colour code every component creates an iPad experience that is totally integral to your event.

  Interactive iPads Mercian Events ipads

  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Feedback
  • Rating
  • Opinion
  • Quizzes


Interactive real-time voting with live graphics.

Ask a Question

From each iPad ‘ask a Question’ gives every delegate the option to ask a question either throughout the day or specifically during a Q&A session. The question is sent to a moderator iPad for screening which then in turn gets authorised and sent to the presenters/facilitators iPad. The facilitator can then verbalise the question to the stage with the option of sending it to the main conference screen if needed.

Questions can be general or addressed to a specific topic or speaker. You can gain valuable feedback from your delegates and use this information to guide the shape, direction and content of your next conference.

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Delegate engagement and participation can be dramatically increased.

Stream Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be streamed live to delegate iPads.

  • Enables delegates to see actual contents, graphs, data, zoom in and see all the transitions/builds.
  • As this is a live stream delegates cannot skip forward, the iPads become an extension monitor of the main screen in the room.
  • An option is available for any changes make whilst the conference is running for those changes to be instantly downloaded to all iPads.
  • The system can also stream other Microsoft Office documents live.
  • There is also the added ability to stream PowerPoint in different languages simultaneously.

View Presented PowerPoint Presentations

The default option and an alternative to streaming enables delegates to view presented PowerPoint only after each live presentation has finished.

  • The ability to enable access can be controlled throughout the day.
  • Keeps the delegates attention focused on what is happening on stage now.
  • When the delegates have an iPad each they can made personal notes against each slide.
  • Post event each person can have their personalised slide notes from the event emailed to them.
  • The iPads/audience can swipe backwards through the slides to inspect a previous slide.
  • The presentations are locked on the iPads so that they can only see the slides that have been presented so far.

Interactive Voting

Keep a conference energised and gain useful insight with interactive voting and polling.

  • Just like with a keypad voting system you can instantly receive feedback from your delegates by asking them voting questions.
  • The questions appear on both the iPads and the main screen.
  • To vote the delegates simply touch the option they want to vote for.
  • If the iPad is being shared on a table, the iPad is assigned a set number of votes appropriate to that table to ensure everyone gets a vote and the accurate answer is received.
  • As soon as the voting is closed the result is displayed simultaneously on the iPads and the main screen.

Options include multiple choice and 1-10 rating. iPad voting is a superior offering to traditional handset solutions. Full questions, possible answers and results are all displayed on the iPad.

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Who is your favourite James Bond actor?

Impromptu Polling

We offer the ability to ask unscheduled and impromptu questions, such as: –

  • Yes/No or
  • A,B,C,D if required.

Post a Comment/Message Wall

  • Real time messages can be posted from delegates onto the event message wall.
  • The wall can be seen on all iPads and the main output screens.
  • Message can either be set to auto approve or require approval before being displayed.
  • Think of this as a private Twitter, without the need of having a Twitter account and without the outside world being able to post or view messages from your event.

Delegates can post comments on their iPads throughout the day. This is a great way to gain instant feedback and suggestions from those attending a conference. The comments can be displayed on screens around the conference, for a ‘twitter style’ feel.

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Message Wall

No More Printing of: –

  • Agendas

The event schedule will be available on the iPads throughout the day, it can also be instantly updated if unexpected changes to the event programme are necessary.

  • Table Plans

Where do I sit? Delegates will be able to see precisely where their table is located.

  • Biographies

Speaker biographies and photos can be included into the iPad solution.

  • Event Material

Relevant event material can be downloaded either pre-event or during the event such as sales handouts, case studies, promotional videos etc.

Taking notes

Delegates can take notes during the event – post event these notes can then be forwarded to the delegate along with any other relevant post-event information.

 Branding Your Event

  • Desk Top Branding

The iPads’ desktop is changed to reflect the theme of the conference. We will incorporate the client’s logo or the event logo into the iPads’ eco system.

  • Icon Branding

As with desktop branding all solutions icons are changed to reflect event branding. Delegates will certainly know that the iPads belong to the event.

  • External Branding

Additional branding can be affixed to the back of the iPads for a customised finish. This can be used to enforce corporate messaging and with this added space sponsors names/logos can also be included.

  • Extended Event Eco-System

An extended easy to use navigation system can be created for additional event material with client branding.

Additional Features

Questionnaires & Feed Back

The iPad is a fantastic tool to capture information both pre event and post-event. As part of our solution we can assist in building a questionnaire to gauge opinion, solicit ideas and obtain answers to questions about the event. The data can be instantly assessed via a generated Excel spreadsheet.

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Event feedback form

Project Management

All solutions begin with project management. This ensures a rich exchange of information, soundboard suggestions and crucially de-risking the event by asking and probing all possibilities to ensure a  seamless and successful conference.

Interactive Quizzes

Add a bit of fun to your event with a series of multiple choice general knowledge questions. The delegates can choose team names and a live leader board can be displayed on the conference main screen.

Wi-Fi Setup

The iPads are connected via a dedicated wireless network. On site engineers create a network that will support the usage. An onsite audit ensures that the configuration will not be affected by other Wi-Fi networks in the same vicinity.

Onsite Support

Full onsite support must be provided, working directly with the client and other event teams on location to ensure there is complete familiarisation with the final conference programme both front of house and technically.

Load tested

All event solutions should be load tested to give clients the peace of mind that their events are run on a robust system. Every change made in development needs to be individually load tested to ensure continuous quality of service.


By giving your delegate/customers the opportunity to submit questions and votes in direct relation to the event content can only increase their involvement and active participation in a conference.

Gone are the days when delegates were mere silent participants at an event with some seriously trying to absorb the information coming from the stage whilst others were seriously dis-engaged and struggling to justify the presence.

Interactive iPads can provide an immediate solution  to securing delegate participation at any level, all it requires is some forward planning, a clear concept of what your objectives are and the ability to make the decision to use modern technology to boost the overall response and outcome of an event that can take months to plan.

Real time audience feedback, opinions, participation and debate are now available at varying levels for any conference organiser to use at a forthcoming conference.