commandery press release

Innovative Interactive Technology brings Worcester’s Civil War Commandery to LIFE

commandery press releaseWorcester based Mercian Events are proud to have been chosen as the main audio visual supplier for the amazing transformation taking place at the famous Commandery, the battle headquarters of the Royalists troops during the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

Specialist audio visual equipment supplied, programmed and installed by the company will provide visitors with a number of very special experiences as they walk around the building.

Visitors can now step into the dramatic debate between Royalist and Parliamentarian beliefs. See weapons straight from the battlefield, read evocative letters, test your strategic skills in the battle room and come face to face with Oliver Cromwell himself.

All this is the culmination of weeks of research, discussions, checks, tests and demonstrations by Mercian Events in order to deliver everything required by Worcester City Council.

commandery 2Mercian Events’ key players in this extraordinary updating of the Commandery have been in constant liaison with their respective opposite numbers, individuals and businesses, all experts in their respective specialist areas of business who are providing all the creative imagery, videos and soundtracks that will deliver the vital impact for this interactive experience, as it was essential that the special AV equipment supplied, installed and programmed by Mercian Events matched the high expectations and technical requirements of those providing the software and creative visuals and soundtracks to be used throughout the Commandery.

For further details contact Lee Mcphilimey Mercian Events Worcester.