Touch Button Control Systems

Together with Data Projection and Projection Screen installation no job would be complete without having instant and total control of the lighting in any room where images or text are being projected. This can be done manually or electronically via keypads or wirelessly operated using an app on your smart phone.

Well designed and creative lighting adds an enormous amount of ambience to a room enhancing its features such as shapes, walls and ceilings. Creative lighting has the ability to set the right mood and atmosphere to inspire learning, listening, entertainment and relaxing.

Room lighting, sound systems, projection screens and projectors, monitors and display screens, lecterns, interactive whiteboards and more, are all now controllable via a fixed or mobile keypad, you can also include heating and air conditioning. If you want total control of your environment at your finger-tips just let us know and we will oblige. By keeping the specifications of what you want from the remote key pads simple the costs can be correspondingly less than what one might think.

Installed primarily into boardrooms, lecture halls, conference centres, training rooms, presentations rooms, touch button controls can be the answer to providing smooth and professional control over all aspects of your environment and presentation equipment.

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