Public Address Sound Systems

A good sound system whether it be mobile or static is the very basic Audio Visual requirement for an audience of 50 or more.
Unless all delegates can clearly hear what a presenter is saying there is no point in them being there at all.
Mercian Events technical team have years of experience in selecting and installing high class audio systems in hotels venues, halls, training/meeting rooms, large open spaces, marquees, exhibition halls even swimming pools.

A common mistake made by non-technical installers is to either over amplify or under amplify the system and supply the wrong type of microphones and speakers for where the system is being used.
A good sound system should last for many years, so it is very important to select the right system from the start.

There are many excellent mobile systems for all sorts of uses, from slinging over your shoulder enabling you to walk around complete with a pretty powerful sound system. There is a good range of hand-held megaphones ideal for a junior school sports day, the same goes for compact amplified speakers perfect for meetings and linking to a computer for playing back of a PowerPoint presentation to an audience of 10/20 persons.
There are audio systems available for all types of installation whether it is a permanent one or required for just a few days. It always pays to enquire and look at all the options available to you – let us advise you before purchasing.

See our section on Public Address Sound Systems for Outdoor/Indoor Events

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