Projector Installation

Recommending the right projector for a client is a responsibility, so many factors have to be taken into consideration, such as its location, maybe it will be used in a well-lit reception area, or in a training room with lots of windows, how big/small a screen does the client want? what is the audience size? what is the purpose of the projector? before selecting possible options.

There are literally hundreds of projectors out there to choose from, costing from a few hundreds of pounds to a few thousand. You can have Single DLP chip or 3 chip DLP projectors or LCD projectors. Next come Laser projectors together with 4K projectors followed by 3D projectors we haven’t mentioned short throw or even ultra-short throw let alone long throw projectors. One has to consider also what light output is required, do not think for one minute that a projector costing a few hundred pounds or even a few thousand pounds will work in bright daylight, they won’t. We do all we can to advise and recommend the right product for the client at the right price every time.
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