LED/Plasma Flat Screen Installation

What size would you like?
Anything from 24” to 105” there is even a 150” Plasma screen commercially available, you can have either a flat or curved screen, 3k or 4k, there is talk now of 8k and even12k, they come in 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios, vertical or horizontal screen position.

Similar to data projectors these products do not work well in bright daylight, it is always advisable to avoid having daylight streaming in on to the screen surface as you will be disappointed with the results.

Full of technical cleverness modern flat screens are capable of being connected to almost anything via Wi Fi or cable, even to your smart phone.

Whatever your need, there is the perfect flat screen out there for you, Mercian Events technical team can supply, install and electronically connect it up your digital systems.
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