AV Installation & Sales

AV Installation and Sales are becoming an increasing and important aspect of the company’s business as clients are frequently asking us to replace their training room AV equipment or boardroom projectors or even early Plasma screens in order for them to have the latest equipment.

We have been told this is due to the fact that our clients recognise we use this equipment every day of the week therefore must know what to select, what preforms well and what represents good value.

We have recently fitted out new sports complexes with integral AV presentation equipment and sound systems for small and large meeting rooms and reception centres.

AV Installers

Our AV Installers have earnt an excellent reputation for providing the right equipment for the job, not necessarily based on cost although that is of paramount importance to many clients but making sure the equipment will do precisely what is required of it. So often we have come across large installs of AV equipment, probably provided by the main contractor for the site who know nothing about AV but are happy to install basic cheap kit and sometimes doing the opposite by installing expensive and way over the top products all of which will in a few years’ time leave the client with problems.

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Every time we specify the right AV equipment to do the specific task that is being asked of it and of course at the right price.

We can build into our costs an annual maintenance programme to ensure all the equipment we supply is regularly checked for performance, with any faulty items automatically replaced at no further cost and after an agreed period of time any dated equipment is automatically updated with the latest product, all within the contract.

We are able to offer advice, proposals, quotations, maintenance and good ideas for almost any type of permanent installation from Church Halls to Sport Stadiums.