Projector Video & Data Equipment Hire

Projector Hire:  Small, compact and powerful modern desktop data projectors are available from Mercian Events for audience numbers of 50/60 delegates using a projection screen approximately 6’ or 7’ wide, ideal for meetings where PowerPoint and/or videos are to be used. Hand held remotes are an optional extra, but advisable.

Larger conference type projectors are available for almost any size of audience, they can be used individually, in pairs, three’s, four’s or more. Selecting the right projector for your particular need is important, always consult our Hire Desk team for advice as our large conference projectors are only hired complete with a trained operator. Screen sizes vary according to the size of the room and number of delegates that will present. Contact us today to discuss your Projector Hire requirements.

You may be linking your projector to a computer, tablet, smartphone or a DVD player via cable or Wi Fi check this with our Hire Desk before ordering.

Laptop computers and tablets are the main type of source for a data projector, any of these are available from Mercian Events complete with data switching devices for the more complex presentations using more than one source.

By using our range of projectors we are obligated to you to make sure your event or meeting runs smoothly, without glitches or inconvenience either for you or us.

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