Lighting Rental LED/Tungsten

Simple to complex, LED battens to profiles, spots to floods, individual lights to large sets of lighting all are available from Mercian Events complete with lighting desks and stands plus a great deal of tuition – if required.

Thanks to the explosion in LED technology lighting has become a major player in all indoor and outdoor events.

Modern LED lighting runs almost cold and consumes a fraction of the energy once required to run a conventional Tungsten Analogue lighting system. they are light, compact and come in every conceivable shape and size, they are even putting them inside feature balloons for attractive and affordable table centres.

LED lighting can be mains or battery powered dependant on the use they are designed for whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. We have put sets of mobile outdoor LED lighting under show lorries and cars, they have been used to light up the front of buildings and enhance gardens at night.

We have used them to provide key lighting for weddings and receptions to provide just the right colours and shades favoured by the bride to match dresses and decorations.

We colour wash conference and meeting room walls and ceilings with corporate colours and special effects either subtly or intensely or somewhere in between, at the touch of a button the whole room can change colour and atmosphere to suit the occasion.

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