Are your presentations…boring

presentationsAre Your Presentations……BORING?

Presentations are the cornerstone of the corporate world, for conferences, for sales, for financial results, for education. Ultimately it’s how professionals make some of their most lasting impressions in their respective industries and professions.

Strange as it might seem in this day and age, after twenty five years of PowerPoint, business presentations are evolving and improving on the examples shown.

Audiences today expect high standards of images, videos, charts and composition to keep them engaged and enthused. To cater for these high standards manufactures have invested in developing solutions which help businesses truly capture the attention of audiences, whether that’s through interactivity or content collation.

Whilst there is a technological revolution taking place many still rely on the old methods of delivery for their most important business messages, why is this and what does the future of presenting in the corporate world look like?SlidesAs we have already said PowerPoint has been around for almost twenty five years, true it has gone through several updates, to every ones annoyance, no sooner had one got use to the quirks of one version then an updated version is introduced that says goodbye to everything you once knew and coped with, it’s called progress.

Whatever version you had and used the end results were similar and the effects of this leaves audiences knowing precisely what to expect for the next 45 minutes or so, this is called Predictability.

Businesses must take note of the shift, which is occurring within the mind-set of the corporate world, which now sees audiences engaging more with dynamic presentations which use multi-media content in a slick seamless manner.

Consumers now expect more from technology, in every way, whether at home, out and about or in the boardroom. Ultra-high definition and HTML5 now pervade every walk of life.

It’s vital that businesses match and where possible exceed these expectations through the inclusion of this rich, immersive multimedia content within their presentations,

More than just high quality content audiences are now expecting presentations to include multiple media sources, encompassing live streamed video, text based documents and high quality imagery.

This year has seen the introduction of several solutions which can merge content from as many as ten sources onto one screen and make the objective of engaging audiences easier than ever.

 Through this dedicated software presenters are empowered to capture and hold the attention of audiences by delivering attention grabbing and memorable presentations.

Perhaps the day has come when presenters will have to bite the bullet and pay for professional multimedia services to create their presentations for them rather than cobbling together some slides themselves or leaving it to their PAs or secretaries.

Alternatively businesses must begin to invest in presentation software as they perform such a vital role in business development and can ultimately impact their bottom line. Through investing in content based software and the appropriate training for staff, businesses can ensure they are delivering their message in a dynamic way for the foreseeable future.

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