Our Case studies

Whatever the reason for getting people together in their tens or hundreds Mercian Events can help clients to realise new ideas and new ways of communicating with their audience, either directly, interactively or electronically. Every successful live event can only be attributed to good teamwork. All live events we undertake are always categorised as a project right from their conception and given a project manager by senior management dependant on the demands of the event.

The project manager is the clients one and only contact, unless an unfortunate emergency arises, and works with the client through all the stages leading up to the actual event itself. Responsibility does not end there as post event contact is very crucial and the responsibility of the project manager, listening to a customer’s comments about the event after all the hullaballoo has died down allows time for real assessments to be made and expressed on both sides. From these meetings relationships can be honed and real progress guaranteed.