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New Website Launch


 New website launch

We’re excited to unveil our brand new Mercian Events website as a lot of soul searching and effort has gone into its development over the past few months, if you would like to email us back with your comments either good or bad we would be interested in what you have to say as that is the only way we are going to learn whether or not we have got it right.
As a live event support company our clients are reliant on us to present them professionally and economically in front of their staff, customers or to the community at large. We have built into the new website a positive message that a lot is possible and achievable without spending large sums of money. We know from positive feedback that our clients appreciate our creative abilities, technical skills and experience which all go together to provide them with exceptional value for the budgets they have available. Click here to take a look

Autumn & Winter

Apart from looking after clients’ conferences and events at a number of different venues around the UK during the cold months, we have been extremely busy designing new conference sets and increasing the flexibility of our staging to offer all clients something new and exciting for 2017. Take a look at a short video we made last month showing the design and set build process

The Mic Ball

New to Mercian Events the Mic Ball. Making your way through tricky crowds can be time consuming and awkward so why not let your host take control and throw the soft mic ball out to the audience and have a bit of fun during your Q & A sessions.

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